Put the heat on Gov. Gun Control!

With Bill Owens actively working against citizens' gun rights, it is high time we told him ENOUGH.

RMGO is joining a group of concerned citizens to protest Gov. Gun Control's lies and backstabbing.

On Thursday, Feb. 3, at 7 pm, everyone -- women, men, children, and anyone who cares about their gun rights -- is invited to meet at the park on 7th and Logan. The protest will last for a few hours, so please come even if you must show up late or leave early: the more, the merrier.

Once we have assembled, we will march north on Logan 1/2 block to the Governor's mansion, and DEMAND that he cease and desist his assault on our Second Amendment rights. Our gun rights are CIVIL RIGHTS, and we won't idly watch as politicians destroy our freedoms.

RMGO and others will supply the posterboard and pens, but bring either if you have them handy.

Remember, on Thursday night Owens cut a deal with hardcore gun-grabber Dem Rep. Ken Gordon to force Brady checks for private sales at gun shows. Owens is openly siding with most of the Dems (and left- leaning Republicans), and we know we are now facing a fight on the House floor.

We must drive a wedge between Owens and GOP elected officials with a very simple message: the GOP will lose gun votes if they back Gov. Gun Control's plans. And without gun rights supporters, the GOP is done for good.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to call our office.

NOTE: Please do not wear camouflage nor NRA caps. We want this to be citizens organizing, not the same old tired story about "White Anglo Saxon Protestant Gun Nuts." The gun-grabber groups have done a good job of framing themselves as everyday people, despite the fact that most are raving socialists: let's re-frame our issue a bit at this protest.

If you cannot arrange a ride, let us know: we might be able to hook you up with people from your area who are car pooling.

Remember: Denver does not allow open carry and only allows concealed carry with a permit. It is up to you, but be forewarned.

Many gun control bills dead: others waiting in the wings

Wednesday, January 26, 2000 -- Though the major media still has no clue what is happening in the legislature, our efforts to swamp the legislature with phone calls, postcards, e-mails and faxes are finally paying off. Many of the worst bills are dead – due to the pressure from RMGO and GOA members – but we are still facing half a dozen "reasonable" gun measures that are more likely threats to your freedom.

The Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday killed these bills:

SB89 by Rob Hernandez to force all sales under the Brady Registration check, and raise the age of purchase of both handguns and so-called "assault weapons."

SB166 by Pat Pascoe to mandate you to lock up your safety by forcing dangerous trigger locks on citizens. It also raised the legal age to possess a handgun to 21.

But the Senate Judic. Committee passed SB125, the Baby Brady Registration bill. Though Sen. John Andrews and 3 liberal Democrats saved the day by defeating an attempt by Sen. Ken Arnold to make CBI deny a purchase based on an arrest (which they are doing now by presuming someone guilty until they prove themselves innocent) this bill is not out of the woods yet: expect moderate and liberal Republicans to do the bidding of Gov. Owens by amending the bill while on the Senate floor, where we could lose that battle.

The House State Affairs Committee on Tuesday killed these bills:

HB1220 by Paul Zimmerman – prohibiting purchase of handguns at gun shows for 18-20 year olds.

HB1245 by Sue Windels – The Teacher Disarmament Act, prohibiting weapons in schools.

It also passed two good bills:

HB1208 by Lauri Clapp to limit the lawsuits on firearms manufacturers, which Governor Gun Control vetoed last year. Though Owens has assured lawmakers he will sign it this year, we all know what his word is worth.

HB1289 by Lynn Hefley to create a statewide Preemption for firearms laws. This bill would overturn Denver’s assault weapons ban and stop their practice of seizing vehicles simply for having a firearm in your car.

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee killed two bills:

SB10 by Ron Teck, a companion bill to HB1208 that passed (see not above). If Senate President Ray Powers puts the House bill in Judiciary Committee, this mean no protection from the frivilous lawsuits filed by the city of Denver and other anti-gun mayors.

SB152 by MaryAnne Tebedo, a very feeble attempt at creating statewide criteria for issuing concealed carry permits. This bill did not even force sheriffs to issue: it left "may issue" alone in state statute, only suggesting that law enforcement officials issue permits. Like many other bills, it died on a tie vote with Wham joining the Democrats.

Now the hard works starts. Though House Speaker Russ George promised several lawmakers to assign all gun bills to the House State Affairs Committee (where conservatives hold a majority on the committee) he assigned the majority of gun bills to the House Judiciary, where we face stiff opposition.

The House Judiciary Comm. will meet on Thursday (Jan. 28) at 1:30 pm in the Legislative Services Building Room A (the large building just south of the State Capitol) with plans to hear 9 bills:

HB1201 by McElhany – Weapons possession by a felon
by Gotlieb – Prohibiting gun sales to 18-20 year olds
by Gordon – Brady Registration checks at gun shows
by Lee – Previous offenders possessing weapons
by Lee – Keeping concealed weapon permit information confidential
by Lee – Fingerprinting of Juveniles
by Lee – Parental consent for firearms for juveniles
by Chavez – Using juvenile records for Brady Registration checks
by Decker – Penalty for firearms straw purchasers

The only good bill is HB1114 to keep concealed carry permit holders information confidential. The rest have either some anti-gun provisions, titles that could fit anti-gun provisions on the floor, or are outright disasters, like HB1242. As for parental consent for firearms for juveniles, it could easily be laden with anti-gun provisions. Let’s not take the chance of accidentally passing the Governor’s gun control agenda by trying to "do something about that gun problem."

Watch out for this gun grab

Today (Wednesday, Jan. 26) the Rocky Mountain News reported that Gov. Owens hasn’t given up on his gun control agenda. Remember, Owens is a shrewd politician – he’s got something up his sleeve this session, and will certainly try to make the Baby Brady bill (SB125) as strict as possible, nabbing thousands of law-abiding gun purchasers.

The CBI can now deny a purchase to any applicant that has ever been arrested or charged with a crime that would bar them from purchasing a firearm (Capitol insiders call this "denial based on arrest" but we call it Guilty-Until-Proven-Innocent). RMGO staff field hundreds of calls a year from law-abiding citizens who were denied a firearm purchase because of something that happened 30 years ago.

Rather than the burden of proof being placed on law enforcement to prove that you are eligible to buy a firearm, Owens wants to continue the practice of assuming you are guilty until YOU prove YOURSELF innocent. Denial based on arrest is unconstitutional, but that hasn’t stopped politicians in the past. We oppose the Brady Registration checks because they register gun owners, but if we can’t get rid of Brady completely right now we’d rather force CBI to do their job by determining eligibility based on conviction.

This seems to be one area where the NRA and Gov. Gun Control disagree: to date the NRA has yet to show any public disapproval of Owens’ gun control agenda, and have even supported his idea of Brady Registration checks for private sales at a gun show. Hopefully, the disagreement between the NRA and Owens on "Guilty Until Proven Innocent" Registration checks will jolt the institutional gun lobby out of their long slumber.

What you can do: Call members of the House Judiciary Committee to urge them to vote against EVERY bill except HB1114.

House Judiciary Committee members:

Kaufman (Chairman) 303-866-2947
Lawrence (Vice Chair.) 303-866-2922
Decker 303-866-2946
Hefley 303-866-2924
McPherson 303-866-2944
Mitchell 303-866-4667
Morrison 303-866-2937
Spence 303-866-2935

Chavez 303-866-2925
Clarke 303-866-2909
Grossman 303-866-2015
Leyba 303-866-2911
Veiga 303-866-2921

Legislative Committees to begin hearings on gun issues; 
Speaker pulls a fast one in House gun control bill assignment

Friday, January 21, 2000 -- The House and Senate have scheduled hearings on a number of gun controls proposals next week, with more surely to be heard shortly thereafter.

It's time to gear up the troops

On Monday, January 24th at 1:30 pm, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear SB10 (which limits lawsuits against firearms manufacturers), SB89 (which sets sweeping new limits on firearms transfers & age of possession), and SB125 (which authorizes the CBI to conduct the Brady Registration checks).  The schedule also announces that other firearms-related bills could be heard on that day, should any be introduced in time.

The hearing will be in room 356, which is where many gun bills have been heard in previous years (on third floor, between the elevators).

On Tuesday, January 25th, the House State Affairs Committee will hear one good bill (HB1208, another lawsuit limitation bill for gun manufacturers) as well as some disastrous bills: HB1220 (Under 21 Gun Show Purchase Prohibition) and HB1245 (Prohibiting Weapons on School Property).  That meeting will take place in room 0107 (in the basement of the Capitol, between the elevators) upon adjournment of the House (around 10:00 am).

There is also rumor that the House Judiciary Committee will hear a number of the "more reasonable" gun control proposals on Thursday.  We will forward any details as we confirm.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend.  If you want to testify on the bills, we suggest talking to RMGO Executive Director Dudley Brown for instructions.  Look for his RMGO nametag.

Here's what to do: Call the following State Senators and Representatives as soon as possible to urge them to vote against ALL of the gun control proposals, whether sponsored by liberal Democrats, moderate Republicans, or our turncoat Governor.

Some politicians are telling citizens they are opposing gun control, but then are actively working for "reasonable gun safety measures."  Once these laws get momentum, they will be difficult to stop and nearly impossible to repeal.  And don't assume a bill will stay in its current form: measures like the "Straw Purchase" bill could easily be amended to prohibit giving a firearm as a gift, and passed through the process quickly.  Let's kill these bills quickly, and get back to the business of concealed carry and passing a statewide preemption law.

You can call every House and Senate member, but especially call these lawmakers that are key to killing the gun control bills:

Senate Judiciary Committee Key members:

Sen. Ken Arnold (R-Westminster)      303-866-4876
John Andrews (R-Englewood)            303-866-4883
Mary Ellen Epps (R-Colo. Springs)    303-866-6364
John Evans (R-Douglas Co.)              303-866-4881

Statewide Senate (toll free)             1-888-473-8136


House State Affairs Committee Key members:

Andy McElhany, Chairman (R-Colo. Springs)    303-866-2904
Don Lee (R-Littleton)                                             303-866-2939
Penn Pfiffner (R-Lakewood)                                 303-866-2951
Bill Sinclair (R-Colo. Springs)                               303-866-2965
Joe Stengel (R-Littleton)                                        303-866-2953

Statewide House (toll free)              1-800-811-7647

If you get their voice mail, make certain to leave a nice but firm message that you want EVERY gun control bill killed NOW.

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