Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is dedicated to monitoring and, where required, verifying that taxpayer-paid facilities do not exceed their authority in regulating firearms.

In many cases, those government entities have exceeded the law, and rely on the law-abiding nature of gun owners to bluff their way through it. 

We aren’t going to allow that.  Where state law permits it, RMGO will actively pursue these extra-legal policies and hold accountable the bureaucrats who attempt to enact them.

Our process is simple: first, notify the agency that their policy does indeed violate state law.  Second, we clearly state that we will pursue court action should they not change that policy.

Below is a list of the taxpayer-paid facilities that we’ve determined have exceeded their authority and banned them.  Click on links in the table to see the relevant information.

If you find any new facilities not listed on this table, contact RMGO with all relevant information via email (e-mail link to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Anti-Gun Municipalities
Offending Municiplaity Photo of sign Current Status Note
Windsor Library 09/01/2014 Policy Changed RMGO action wins again
Sterling Library 11/02/2014 Policy being changed Library manager is changing policy
Denver Public Library 01/01/2015 Reply deadline 01/11/2015  
Boulder Co. Open Space   County won't change  

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