Rocky Mountain Gun Owners SuprPAC Election Preview, 2022

This is the first version of the RMGO Elections Preview for 2022. It will be updated following the June Republican Primaries, as the races become clearer and major party nominees are selected. As a rule, RMGO refuses to endorse candidates that do not score 100% on our survey.

The Democratic party has ruled Colorado for the last four years, but a wave of discontent means that the conservative movement is poised for monumental upsets. While it remains to be seen if this momentum will carry into November, there are reasons for optimism.

Currently, the House has 40 Democrats and 24 Republicans, which means that Republicans need to add 9 new seats to retake the majority. This is within the realm of possibility to do, with RMGO Executive Director Taylor Rhodes believing that Republicans stand a good chance in November as our polling shows a potential for a 5-point Republican shift. However, these past few weeks have introduced a large amount of uncertainty. Still, economic circumstances will play heavily into Republican hands. Our primary concern is gun legislation, which has become a national issue following recent events in Buffalo, NY, and Uvalde, TX. Therefore, supporting RMGO-endorsed candidates in their upcoming District races is incredibly important, as you will know they are the 100% pro-gun candidate.

The Senate is controlled by the Democrats, who have 20 Senators to the Republicans 15. This means that the Republicans need only three seats to recapture a majority. Political experts are chiefly focusing on these Senate races in generals. Until then, it is essential to focus on promoting candidates that are firm believers in the Second Amendment.

The sheriff’s races might be the most important this year. Colorado has decided that cities and counties should have the ability to infringe as much as they want on the right to bear arms based on the passage of SB21-256. Unfortunately for the local gun grabbers, this requires Sheriffs willing to enforce these unconstitutional laws. RMGO has endorsed some truly amazing candidates in the upcoming elections, ensuring that they are committed to protecting your rights as citizens from the tyranny of the leftist bureaucrats. The last few years have shown just how vital the local Sheriff is as a bulwark against unconstitutional encroachments on our liberties. Recent events are proving just how precarious our gun rights are, with localities all along the Front Range proposing and enacting wildly unconstitutional gun restrictions. A good Sheriff can render them entirely useless. This is why RMGO endorses only the most liberty-minded, Constitution-loving, pro-gun candidates.


House District 02

  • Traditionally, House District 2 is a Democratic stronghold. While prospects are bleak, growing discontent with the current administration could have significant down-ballot effects. RMGO has endorsed Stephanie Wheeler for this position, as her 100% survey in a wildly liberal district shows her bravery in standing up for her principles. She is ardently against Red Flag Laws, safe-storage, and bans on concealed and open carry. Stephanie is unopposed in the primary; however, a 15-point swing is required for her to have a chance to win in November. Some would say this is a long shot, but we at RMGO know that strong community leaders like Stephanie represent more than party politics. She stands for her people in the face of the crushing government establishment. The Red Wave is coming, and she is more than capable of winning if you join RMGO in supporting her.

House District 14

  • Traditionally, House District 14 is a Republican stronghold; the current incumbent is Shane Sandbridge, who has decided not to run for re-election. While Republicans should win easily in the general election, the primary is hotly contested. RMGO has endorsed Joe Woyte as the only 100% pro-gun candidate in this primary. Joe is a first-time candidate and is running to represent his community honestly, not as a member of any establishment. His challenger, Rose Pugliese, is a supporter of background checks for firearm purchases, as well as believing that taxes on firearm purchases are okay, both of which violate the tenants of the Second Amendment. She appears to be yet another establishment RINO that sees an open House seat as a ticket to influence. Therefore, it is important to go out and support Joe Woyte, the only pro-gun candidate on the primary ballot.

House District 15

  • House District 15 is historically a Republican stronghold that is currently an open seat. Reverend Scott Bottoms has received the endorsement of RMGO, as he is passionate about defending the Second Amendment from its political enemies. His challengers are Libertarian John Kaufman and Democrat Alvin Sexton. While House District 15 usually goes for Republicans, we need to ensure that this November we send a message by overwhelmingly supporting good candidates like Rev. Bottoms.

House District 18

  • House District 18 is one of the most hotly contested races in the upcoming elections. The current incumbent is Democrat Marc Snyder, and the split is just over a quarter Republican, one-quarter Democrat, and just under half unaffiliated. This means that it is a true toss-up, and this seat would be huge if we are to take back the majority in the House. RMGO has endorsed Summer Groubert, a community-driven mother that has decided to foray into the political battlefield. She is also a firm believer in the Second Amendment, something that cannot be said for her Primary challenger, Shana Black, who refused to answer the RMGO survey. The momentum is growing for candidates that aren’t members of the political establishment, and Summer has a chance to make tangible changes on behalf of her community. With your support, we can ensure that Colorado gains another warrior for the people.

House District 21

  • House District 21 is a strong Republican district represented by Republican Mary Bradfield. However, Karl Dent Sr. is currently challenging her in the Republican Primary due to her horrible voting record and failure to uphold the values of her constituents. RMGO has happily endorsed Karl Dent, a veteran and security professional, as the Second Amendment lover in this race. Karl is a passionate believer in the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Bradfield’s continued support of Minority Leader Hugh McKean indicates her disconnect from the people. This primary is incredibly important, and it is vital to show support for Karl Dent to help guarantee that the people’s voice is heard.

House District 22

  • House District 22 is firmly on the Republican side, however, the seat is open. RMGO has endorsed Ken Degraaf in his unopposed run to the General Election in November. Ken is a veteran and community leader that understands that the right to firearms is a core value of being an American. Even though it should be an easy win, nothing is ever guaranteed, so make sure to show your support for Ken in November.

House District 25

  • House District 25 is a vital race for Republicans. Because of redistricting, the current incumbent is Republican Colin Larson. While Republicans hold a slight advantage in registered voters, it is a toss-up. RMGO has endorsed Dede Wagner, a retired school teacher, and community leader, for the Republican Primary. Dede scored 100% on our survey, knowing full well how vital gun rights are to Coloradans. Colin Larson, in keeping up with his establishment tendency, refused to return the RMGO survey. The establishment knows this election will be a “Red Wave”, so they are working hard to make sure their candidates remain in control. If we want to stand for conservative values, it is important to support grassroots candidates like Dede, a community leader that speaks for Coloradans.

House District 26

  • House District 26 is an interesting race with an open seat. It has recently been held by Democrat Dylan Roberts, but it represents an opportunity for Republicans. It has a slight edge in Republican voters, which means the upcoming General Election should see it go red once again. RMGO has endorsed Glen Lowe, who returned a 100% survey. He clearly has a passion for the Second Amendment and will be a great supporter in the House. His opposition, Savannah Wolfson, did not return a survey. This seat is key to the Republicans taking back the House, which means it is vital to go out and support Glen in the Primary and General elections.

House District 39

  • House District 39 is an open seat, as incumbent Kim Ransom is term-limited. This district should be a Republican stronghold, and RMGO has endorsed Brandi Bradley in the General election against Eric Brody. Brandi is a staunch advocate for gun rights and will serve the people of Colorado proudly. Show your support for her in the upcoming midterms and keep the Red Wave strong!

House District 43

  • House District 43 is an open seat that should go the Republicans’ way in November. However, there is a Primary between Robin Webb and Kurt Huffman that needs to be decided first. RMGO has endorsed Robin Webb in this race, as she was the only one to respond with a 100% survey. We need more voices supporting gun rights in the house, and Robin is the right person for the task. Support Robin in the upcoming Primary and General election to keep the grassroots movement going strong!

House District 44

  • House District 44 should go Republican in the General, and the seat is open. RMGO has endorsed Terry Dodd as the clear-cut pro-gun candidate. He answered our survey with a 100% score, marking him as the Second Amendment advocate in the Primary against Anthony Hartsook. Harstook refused to answer our survey, meaning his support for gun rights is unknown. In this environment, where assaults on our right to bear arms are constant, it is imperative that we support pro-gun candidates like Terry Dodd.

House District 45

  • A traditional Republican stronghold, House District 45 is open as incumbent Pat Neville is term-limited. Bill Jack has earned the endorsement of RMGO following his 100% survey and strong, passionate support for the Second Amendment. Lisa Frizell did not return a survey, which means we have no idea how she will vote when presented with the wave of anti-gun legislation the Democrats continue to propose. Bill Jack has made it clear that he is the only no-compromise gun rights advocate in the upcoming Primary.

House District 51

  • House District 51 is one of the most important Primaries this year. Incumbent Hugh Mckean is the House Minority Leader. His opposition is Austin Hein, whom RMGO is endorsing in this race. As a Second Amendment absolutist, Austin will be a warrior for gun rights. Hugh has repeatedly compromised his conservative principles, voting with the Democrats over 50% of the time, and supporting increased gun restrictions on multiple occasions. Austin is an advocate for gun rights, fighting tooth and nail to protect the right of the people to keep and bear arms. Austin is a grassroots candidate, empowered by the support of the people in his district, not establishment interests. Most importantly, he knows what “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” means. If we want power returned to the people, it starts by voting for champions of gun rights like Austin Hein.

House District 60

  • House District 60 is a Republican stronghold, and incumbent Stephanie Luck is doing a fantastic job representing her people. She is a champion of the Second Amendment and has been an ardent supporter throughout her time in office. This is one of the easiest endorsements RMGO gave out this year, so make sure you come out and show your support for Stephanie Luck in November.

House District 62

  • House District 62 is a Democratic stronghold with an open seat. Despite its liberal leanings, two Republican candidates are vying for the nomination. RMGO has endorsed Ryan Williams as the 100% pro-gun, pro-liberty candidate in this election. Gun rights are among his top priorities, while challenger Carol Riggenbach refused to return our survey. Though this seat is historically Democratic, the growing discontent around Democrat policies means that a 10-point swing in the Republican’s favor is a possibility. With your support, we can turn this possibility into a reality and continue our push to return Colorado to the haven of freedom it once was.


Senate District 04

  • Senate District 4 should be a Republican stronghold, but only time will tell. Registered Republicans outnumber Democrats 2 to 1, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to wrap it up in November. Mark Baisley is the incumbent and is endorsed by RMGO, due to his proven track record of Second Amendment advocacy. His only competition is Democrat Jeff Ravage, who (expectedly) did not return a survey. Again, nothing is ever assured, so remember to show your support for gun-rights champions and vote for Mark in the November election.

Senate District 09

  • Senate District 9 is also a stronghold for Republicans, with registered Republicans outnumbering Democrats 2.5 to 1. However, there is still competition in the Primary, where RMGO endorsed Lynda Wilson faces off against Paul Lundeen. Paul is the incumbent, but Lynda Wilson is pushing hard for the seat. Lynda is a veteran of the United States Air Force, and she is blunt on her position regarding guns: ownership is a right. She is a proponent of Constitutional carry, and she is against any unconstitutional gun control legislation, including magazine bans, Red Flag Laws, and safe storage requirements. Paul failed to return a survey, so we cannot know how he will vote on important gun-related issues. With the Primaries fast approaching, join RMGO in supporting Lynda Wilson for Colorado Senate District 9.

Senate District 30

  • Historically, Senate District 30 is safely Republican, but certainly not a stronghold. This means that it will be vital to support Kevin Van Winkle in the upcoming November General Election. He is not facing any Republican competition, but he is being challenged by Democrat Miguel Braeden. Kevin loves the Second Amendment, and he has demonstrated it through his voting record as the Representative of House District 43. RMGO is endorsing him because of his refusal to support unconstitutional gun control legislation, which is even more important than ever. As our rights are threatened, we need strong leaders like Kevin Van Winkle speaking up on our behalf under the Golden Dome.

We’re keeping our eye on a few other Senate races post-primary (we will likely play in SD3, SD8, SD11, SD15, SD24, and SD27).


Crowley County

  • Crowley County has two Republicans running for Sheriff, Terry Reeves and Brandon Reisch. RMGO is endorsing Terry Reeves, who responded with a 100% on our survey. He supports the right of his citizens to have firearms, is against Red Flag Laws, and will support the people in their efforts to resist potential infringements on the Second Amendment. Brandon Reisch did not return a survey, so we have no idea what kind of support the people can expect from him. There is mounting uncertainty regarding potential local gun control laws, but Terry has sworn not to enforce any unconstitutional laws, choosing instead to empower his people to exercise their rights. In the upcoming Primaries, RMGO will be standing with Terry Reeves, the clear choice for Crowley County Sheriff.

Douglas County

  • The Douglas County Sheriff’s race is highly contested, but John Anderson stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. He responded with a 100% survey, but his support for the Second Amendment is better reflected in his time as a law enforcement officer. He believes in the people’s right to bear arms, is anti-Civil Asset Forfeiture, and does not support Red Flag Laws. John has also sworn to uphold the Constitution, refusing to enforce any unconstitutional gun control laws proposed at the local level, like we have seen along the Front Range over recent weeks. This means that, for the people of Douglas County, their rights are in good hands as long as John Anderson is their Sheriff. With the Primaries just around the corner, it is imperative that you join RMGO in supporting John Anderson for Douglas County Sheriff.

El Paso County

  • The El Paso County Sheriff’s race is heated, but RMGO’s choice was obvious: Todd Watkins. Todd supports Constitutional Carry, repealing of Red Flag Laws, and the end of Civil Asset Forfeiture, among others. Put simply, Todd is the perfect candidate for El Paso County Sheriff. With recent attempts by local governments to enact insane restrictions on gun rights, Todd Watkins has promised any proposed in El Paso County will be more akin to a letter to Santa Claus than a law against the people. His unwavering support of the Second Amendment is why you should support him in the upcoming Primaries.

Grand County

  • The Grand County Sheriff’s race will be another hotly contested event. With three Republicans running, it can be difficult to decide who is the right choice. If you care about guns, then the choice is Aaron Martin, who RMGO is endorsing following his 100% survey and avid support of the Second Amendment. Neither Jaime Lucas nor Brett Schroetlin returned a survey, which means we have no clue how protected your rights will be under their leadership. Meanwhile, we know that Aaron Martin trusts his people to be armed, is against Civil Asset Forfeiture, and refuses to enforce Red Flag Laws. Perhaps most important of all, Aaron has promised not to enforce any unconstitutional local gun laws, as have been proposed throughout the Front Range. In a time of uncertainty surrounding our gun rights, we need to be supporting candidates like Aaron Martin for Grand County Sheriff.

Larimer County

  • The Larimer County Sheriff’s race is incredibly important. The two candidates are Jeff Fisher and John Feyen. Jeff Fisher has been endorsed by RMGO, as he is a Constitutionalist, individual rights advocate, and true believer in the necessity of an armed people. He is loudly and proudly anti-Red Flag and Civil Asset Forfeiture. Most importantly, he will not enforce any unconstitutional gun laws that the Larimer County board may propose or adopt, something that has become a real possibility in the recent weeks. His opponent, Jeff Feyen, has a track record of questionable ethics. He has admitted to using GPS trackers without warrants, he has been credibly accused of tapping citizens’ phones, and he has left us in the position of not knowing the full extent of his 4th Amendment violations. The Primary is going to decide how much liberty the people of Larimer County are allowed to experience. Jeff Fisher is the clear and obvious choice for Sheriff, so join RMGO in supporting him in these primaries.

Mesa County

  • The Mesa County Sheriff’s race is between two qualified candidates, Bob Dalley and Todd Rowell. However, only one of these candidates believes it is wrong to steal property from the people, and that is RMGO endorsed Bob Dalley. He is the only one that stands firmly against Civil Asset Forfeiture, also known as the “Your Property is Now Ours” method of policing. Bob returned a 100% survey to us, signaling his desire to protect the rights of his people when it comes to guns. As the assault on the Second Amendment continues, supporting Bob Dalley for Mesa County Sheriff means you can be assured your firearms are safe from any locally enacted, unconstitutional gun laws.

Mineral County

  • The race for Mineral County Sheriff features Republican Terrance Wetherill and Democrat Fred Hosselkus. RMGO is supporting Terrance Wetherill, who returned a 100% survey and represents a guarantee to his people that their Second Amendment rights will be safe. He is anti-Red Flag and anti-Civil Asset Forfeiture, in addition to supporting the fight against gun-control advocates. Terrance has also promised not to enforce any locally mandated gun laws, such as those seen in Denver and Boulder. The attack on our right to bear arms is constant, which means supporting Terrance Wetherill for Mineral County Sheriff in November is vital.

Rio Blanco County

  • The Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s race is between two Republicans, Richard Garner and Anthony Mazzola. RMGO is endorsing Richard Garner, who returned a 100% survey and indicated his love of the Second Amendment and his belief that the people should be armed. Anthony Mazzola did not return a survey, so we have no idea how much value he places in the gun rights of his people. Richard is against unconstitutional Red Flag Laws and Civil Asset Forfeiture. He has also promised not to enforce any unconstitutional local gun laws, such as those in Boulder. With the future of our gun rights up in the air, Richard Garner is the Sheriff that Rio Blanco County needs.

Weld County

  • The Weld County Sheriff’s race is no competition at all, and that is a good thing for the people. This is because Steve Reams is one of the best Sheriffs in the country, let alone the state. RMGO is proudly endorsing his campaign for re-election, based on his proven track record of supporting the Second Amendment for his people and his refusal to enforce any unconstitutional gun control laws. As long as he is Sheriff, the people of Weld County can sleep easy knowing their rights are being protected. Show your support for one of Colorado’s best in the upcoming November election. 

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